Front-End and Back-End Solutions

Let Us Code Your Future!

Although these two terms might sound unfamiliar to you, we assure you one thing — you’ve experienced front-end and back-end development each time you searched something on the Internet. To create a dynamic website, you will need both solutions combined. Front-end includes the visual elements visible to clients, while the back-end focuses on the server that is not visible.

At Plat4Me, we provided both services to make things easier for our clients. Our experienced developers will make every project that you have on your mind. We will create a strong design with seamless animations. Hence, if you want a website that looks good and loads fast, Plat4Me is your perfect destination.

Technological Risk Management
and Fraud Screening System

Security Is the Best Starting Point.

Nowadays, technological risks are becoming more noticeable, which increases levels of danger in every business. That’s exactly why we put our focus on one thing — to prevent frauds before they even happen. With a fraud screening system, we can help you reduce fraudulent activities and minimize risky situations for every company.

Over time, we developed and adjusted our strategies to create perfect technological risk management. Those strategies must be well-designed and carefully implemented in order to work and Plat4Me offers just that. As technology evolves, we evolve with it to ensure every system operates effectively.

So, if you want to know where your business vulnerabilities are and how to take control of them, Plat4Me will provide you with consistent monitoring and reporting with our up-to-date fraud screening system and technological risk management.

Business Intelligence

The Essence of Every Business.

Go beyond standard and make your business even more effective with our business intelligence solutions. Plat4Me will help you get reliable data analysis and reports to create more consistent growth of your business.

Many things fall under the business intelligence umbrella. But to truly integrate it in your business, you will need a solution that will perfectly fit your existing workflow and deliver the right results. That’s exactly what Plat4Me offers.

Our business intelligence magicians will deal with your data and define your goals. Later, they will turn that data into meaningful insights and take your business performance to the next level.

Payment Processing Systems

All Banking Methods You Could Ask For

Having an efficient and reliable payment processing system is key to reaching the goal of having the most successful business in the industry today. With so many competitive names today, Plat4Me has made sure to include the best and the brightest of them to provide you speed, security and a user-friendly interface.

Having multiple complex but innovative solutions for processing payments is essential to stay on top of your game. An encouraging and prospective start to that is ensuring multi-level security checks and firewalls to protect your data and resources. Combined with extra features such as time and risk management, invoicing, and compliance with the latest regulatory standards, Plat4Me has thought of everything, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Multi-Channel Help Desk Software

Friendly, helpful, and fully automated

Customer service has never felt so effortless and pleasant - for both your agents and your clients. Plat4Me multi-channel help desk software allows you to manage all your tickets, inquires, pending and closed issues on all levels of your business structure. Communication with different people in your personnel to achieve effective solutions for your clients is easier than ever before.

With our help desk software, managing customer satisfaction will be completely automated, but still tailored specifically to each of your clients. The majority of processes that you had to deal with before will now be taken care of by well-designed and secure tools across all channels of communication.

CMS (Content Management System)

Create, manage, optimize

There are so many different content management systems available today, and we are glad you are choosing ours. Plat4Me has made sure to include as many different features as benefits as possible, making our CMS the only one you will ever need to take your business to the next level.

Which CMS feature is suitable for you? We say - why not all of them? Creating and editing content, optimization, flexibility, and performance are just some of the many benefits that the Plat4Me CMS will give you within a single high-tech solution.

Affiliate System

Fast and secure data management

Plat4Me introduces the latest and most advanced affiliate system in the industry that combines both the creative and quantitative parts of any business. With our program, you can connect with your partners, keep track of performance, and even design your own marketing strategies to engage with your audience and attract new clients.

Access your highly confidential analytics and business results through an efficient and secure Plat4Me affiliate system. The only solution you will ever need for affiliates is the one that is a fit-for-all, innovative and advanced system for all businesses across different industries.